Dec 09 2014

The History Of Juniper Well Ranch


he historic rock well house, from which the ranch gets its name, was built around the turn of the 20th century by Arizona state senator, Mullins. The ancient Alligator Bark Juniper Tree next to it welcomes visitors as they drive through the gate. Juniper Well Ranch was once part of the Bar U Bar ranch, which is now its northern neighbor. The prolific western writer, Frank Bonham later acquired the ranch as a peaceful respite to write and publish novels from his hilltop log home until his death in 1988. Frank’s son moved to the property in 1983 and began boarding horses from the original Ranch House and barn on the property. In 1990 he built the first of two log cabins he used for guests, thus launching his career as an innkeeper. In 1993 the Adobe cabin was built from adobe bricks made on site. A few acres of vineyards were planted and wine was produced and bottled at Juniper Well Ranch. The beautiful, secluded location has charmed thousands of guests over the years, many of whom return year after year to enjoy the hospitality and the tranquility of Skull Valley.

Juniper Well Ranch is located 25 minutes from Downtown Prescott in Tonto Flats, a sub irrigated area with abundant ground water which feeds the ancient Juniper trees, as well as Cottonwood, Black Walnut, Pine, Black Jack and Gamble Oak and Manzanita. At an elevation of just under 5000 feet, the forty-two acre guest ranch has some of the largest and oldest Alligator Juniper trees in the world. Alligator bark Juniper is only found in Prescott, AZ., Big Bend, TX., and Santa Fe, NM. The ranch is surrounded by the Prescott National Forest and bordered on the east side by the Santa Fe railroad. Wildlife such as mountain lions, bobcat, rocky mountain elk, mule deer, antelopes, badgers, jack and cotton-tail rabbits, javelina, coyotes, squirrels, and chipmunks can be spotted on the ranch. There is also an abundance of song bird species on and around the ranch. Including: road runners, dove, quail, pinyon jays, northern flickers, Clarks nutcrackers and birds of prey. Vegetable and herb gardens have been planted making the ranch even more attractive for weddings, retreats, reunions and more.

In the fall of 2012 the Shaw family acquired Juniper Well Ranch after the previous owners decided to relocate their wine operation and move to a lower elevation. With a commitment to uphold and respect the ranches history and natural beauty, the new stewards to this amazing land are honored to continue providing all the services that ranch guests have come to know and love. With their insight and passion, the Shaws continue to bring out the best in the ranch. They have updated infrastructure, remodeled and redecorated the cabins, created gardens, open grass spaces, planted wild flowers, as well as native shrubs, created walking paths, and trails, added rock features, and planted hundreds of trees. We hope to see you soon at Juniper Well Ranch. Come enjoy and experience the history, majestic mountains, farm animals, wildlife, and charming cabins as our guests on the ranch.

Margaret Shaw - Owner/Operator
Margaret Shaw